Meet the Team

2112TD is being developed as a true indie title with no investment or financial backing. United under the banner of Refinery Productions the eight sci-fi geeks are driven by an intense need for endless virtual slaughter.

Our Mission

“We are priding ourselves on creating a truly awesome tower defence title, combining all of the classic ingredients that make the genre timeless and the game play everlasting. That fused with elements from the real time strategy genre and complimented by a beautifully immersive audio, visual experience.”

Development Team

James Mazur

James Mazur Lead Designer / Music / Sound Design

Starting his career as a freelance sound engineer, James graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK in 2011 after studying Creative Music and Sound Technology BA. Over the past several years he has established himself as Refinery Productions, working on a broad range of projects involving apps, film, games and performing artists with organisations and freelancers across the globe. He has always had a strong passion for sci-fi and games design which lead on to the foundation of 2112TD.

James is responsible for the overall vision and development of 2112TD, managing the team and creating the audio content, G.U.I and story.

Luke Stirk

Pete Smith Lead Developer

Pete graduated from the University of Cambridge, UK in 2001 with a degree in Natural Sciences, having specialised in astrophysics.  He is a keen games developer and enjoys nothing more than firing up Unity. Pete is responsible for turning all the hard work of the team into a playable game:  assembling the art and audio, writing the C# code to bring it to life and distributing builds.

Andrea Avesani 3D Model Artist

Andrea initially joined the team to create stationary 3D models for the map art. His broad range of skills within the 3D realm has meant that he has becoming increasingly involved in other areas of 3D such as the games monsters and vehicles models.

Mike Fong

Mike Fong Concept Artist / 3D Model Artist / Animator

Mike is a freelance concept artist from York, UK. He graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. Mike’s true passion is creating strange worlds and bringing them to life through his artwork. He loves gathering inspiration from nature and the world around him.

Mike joined the team initially to design the towers and vehicles but his diverse range of skills has lead him to become more heavily involved in other areas of development such as 3D modelling and environmental concept art. He’s naturally gifted when it comes to making metal look sexy.

Alistair Seamer

Alistair Seamer Concept Artist

Alistair is responsible for the monster concept art, coming up with disgusting designs to freak your socks off.

Daniel Leijonberg

Daniel Leijonberg 3D Model Artist

Daniel is primarily responsible for the creation of the games monsters, producing 3D models and animating them. He has also become involved in the creation of a range of other 3D assets such as structures and vehicles.

Simon Lazzari

Simon Lazzari Evironmental Concept Artist

In 2012 Simon graduated Graduating from degree in transportation design 2012.Simon is a freelance Concept Artist, situated in Turin, Italy. He graduated from Iaad University in 2012 after studying Transportation Design. He has produced work for Cartesian Theatre, Demigod Studios, and Stola. He loves science fiction and horror.Simon is responsible for designing environmental concept art and the map art for 2112TD. Have the passion for the videogames, especially sci-fi and horror. He start to create some concept art and environemtn for software houses and entertainment productions, It s a 2d artist for weapons, vehicles and any kind of environment.

Mike Fong

Stephen Luke Concept artist

Stephen is a freelance concept artist based in Brighton, UK. He is responsible for designing game towers and vehicles.

Mike Fong

Pierre Duchon 3D Model Artist

Pierre is a freelance 3D artist, currently based in the U.K. He has studied in games design and graphics design. After graduating Pierre became increasingly involved in 3D art which he now develops full time. He has a strong passion for games and sports. Pierre is responsible for creating and animating the 3D models of the towers to be featured in 2112TD.

We've had a number of other people help us out since we began. Big thanks to:

Luke Stirk (Corona Developer / Web Developer), Chris Goff (Concept Art), James Wright (2D Concept Art), James Michael Jones (Logo Design), Jake Dodd (3D Assets), Tom Yearby (3D Assets), Will Long (Voice Actor), Artem Nekrasov (Voice Actor) ,Mark Fountain (Voice Actor), Cassandra Bond (Voice Actress), Andrew Orme (Voice Actor)