Earth is suffering the aftermath of a devastating fifty-year conflict known as the Terminal War. Over half of the global population was obliterated in unprecedented mass genocides. Entire nations were left barren with natural resources depleted and nuclear fall out decimating what was left. In this desperate climate, the Advanced Technologies Corporation thrived. As an independent arms dealer the ATech made unimaginable profits and became the only remaining super power with jurisdiction in what is left of the world. Their private security forces and monopoly of wealth have allowed them to dominate the planet in what can only be described as the largest coup in the history of mankind. After the war, the ATech formed the United Earth and emerged as the leaders of the new world. They hid their military operations in industrial departments and concentrated their wealth in space exploration. The people of Earth had no choice but to rely upon the very company that engineered their destruction. ATech currently run large scale mining operations across the breadth of the solar system, increasing their stakes in both power and territory.

But, this is 2112AD and everything is about to change…

Around the end of the war UE scientist’s detected gravitational anomalies in the planetary orbits of our solar system. Each planet’s orbital alignment had started to become increasingly unstable resulting in a mysterious ‘wobbling’ effect.

This effect has become so strong that it threatens to throw our solar system into complete chaos by propelling each planet out of orbit. Even with the most advanced technologies and the presence of human colonies throughout the solar system, scientists have been unable to identify the cause of this bizarre anomaly and where it is coming from. Until now…

23rd December 2112.

Scientists at the United Earth Research Initative (UERI) have been monitoring Voyager 2, a space satellite launched by NASA in 1977. Communication with V2 was lost when it became the only spacecraft to leave our solar system. On the 21st December 2112, after 84 years of silence, the satellite began sending signals back to Earth.

The UERI analysed the data and made a shocking discovery. V2 had recorded what was first believed to be the formation of a new planet. Its appearance coincided with an incredible temporal distortion in the region of space it seemed to enter. However, upon closer inspection this spherical object appeared to be anything but an inanimate ball of rock. It was moving and its trajectory was headed straight towards our solar system, fast.

6 hours ago contact was lost with a UERI vessel conducting studies in the outer orbit of Pluto. Just before the silence, we received several disturbing messages. Reports started coming through of crew members behaving increasingly erratically. The crew was nearing rotation and this behaviour was attributed to cabin fever and nothing more. Then came the violence. Images of brutality that made the atrocities of the war seem like play-fights in comparison. So much blood. Figures emerged from the screams and laughter echoing through the corridors. Inhuman, distorted figures that tore in a frenzied bloodlust through the ship.

Through the portholes of the bloodied cabins an enormous sphere could be seen pulsating its way through space. Through UERI remote imaging software we were able to make out it’s fleshy surface. It is organic and it is ejecting millions of hostile organisms into our solar system. Visual communication was lost.

As commander of the United Earth Defence Initiative it will be your duty to defend our colonies and home world and save us from what might be the extinction of man kind. We have automated defence systems ready to be deployed in order to hold back the hell spawn.